Gustavo Carvajal: ‘Indigenous People in Recent Chilean Cinema: Patricio Guzmán’s El Botón de Nácar’

As part of the seminar series organised by the Centre for Latin American & Caribbean Studies at the University of Manchester, on 7 February 2018, Dr Gustavo Carvajal Lazcano (Universidad Finis Terrae, Chile) gave a talk on indigenous people in recent Chilean cinema, focusing on Patricio Guzmán’s El botón de nácar (The Pearl Button, 2015). Dr Carvajal’s paper challenged widespread readings of the film as an appreciation of Patagonian Amerindians, arguing instead that it reproduces established representations of indigeneity as racial Others. Here you can listen to the full audio of the talk and the discussion that followed.


‘Remembering Cold War States of Exception in Recent Latin American and Asian Documentary Film’

Talk given on 15 April by Professor David Martin-Jones (Glasgow), as part of the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Seminar Series: ‘Latin America: The Potential of the Global South?’.
Discussants: Heather Inwood (Manchester) and Felicia Chan (Manchester)